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The VIPs would like to announce the arrival of their new in-house Dog Trainer - Matt Caranante of Doggit fame. Matt's background of being part of the Advanced K9 Detectives in New York(USA), providing the service of Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs, as well as being captain of the Pitbulls Are Loving program, whilst at volunteering at the Liberty Humane Society, proved a natural marriage with The VIPs Pack Leader format.

So whether you require basic training for your puppy, stopping shoe chewing, obedience training for an older dog, excessive barking or you would like to be more of a confident pack leader in your own home, Matt and The VIPs will tailor make a session to suit your requirements. You will be provided with the skills that you will need to handle your dog in any situation.




" We were having real trouble walking our Labrador Missy, as she was constantly pulling on the lead and getting distracted when off the lead on walks. I was not enjoying walking her at all and getting increasingly frustrated with her disobedience and general misbehaviour both on walks and at home.

We had one training session with The VIPs, where we were taught how to take control of Missy when out on walks and how to master her in the home. We noticed an immediate improvement and as time has gone by she has become really well behaved and an absolute joy to be around.

They also recommended a diet change and now we give her all natural foods, which we believe has also contributed to her calmer sweeter nature."




"I have a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who before joining The VIPs was a 'typical' Staffy - very boisterous, energetic, with an aggressive side to him where other dogs were concerned. He would dart across fields at the first sign of a dog or person, would to get into fights with other dogs and to be honest was so much hard work it was not fun having him. I tried many dog training classes with no joy; they just made him worse and I was not very confident with him, so he played on that.

After a few training sessions with The VIPs, I learnt how to handle him assertively and confidently. Our relationship changed instantly for the better.

I received training with my dog on and off lead; my main problem was being too tense and nervous whilst having him on lead, I was taught how to hold the lead correctly and how to approach dogs with ease, after few lessons I had this under control and what a difference this made.

Then next step was how to get my dog to stay with me off lead instead of running up to anything or anyone, again after a few lessons I had full control of him.

Now he is good with all dogs, he is a lot calmer, I am very confident with him and have him completely under control. I enjoyed being with him so much that I took on another Staffy!
They both attend daycare with The VIPs, where they are thoroughly socialised with all breeds, something I couldn't imagine him doing before the initial training sessions. "



" We had our Boxer, Willa, from a puppy and she had always been well behaved. However at the age of 2 she developed lead aggression towards other dogs and it became unbearable to walk her as she would be literally hanging off the end of the lead barking and growling every time she saw another dog – we were so embarrassed, people were starting to cross to the other side of the road when they saw us. I had spoken to a number of different trainers on the phone but The VIPs were the only people that were completely positive about what they would be able to do for us and fully explained what we should expect from the training sessions. The VIPs put us totally at ease during the training session. I couldn't believe that after just 15-20 minutes we were able to walk around the other dogs with Willa walking calmly next to me, it was amazing. I was so impressed with how professional and friendly The VIPs are. They totally put us at ease and soon after, Willa started to go to Doggy Day Care twice a week. It was great to know that Willa was being looked after by people that would reinforce what we were learning at the training classes. She is now far more relaxed and you can tell she has had an exhausting day by how loud she snores when she's sleeping. Sarita is always happy to talk to me about any questions I might have and will always go out of her way to accommodate Willa. I know that they will look after and care for her as much as we do and somehow they even manage to make a boxer dog look happy.

I wouldn't hesitate in recommending any of their services. "




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