Pet Care in Middlesex

Everyone wants the best for their pets, but there are times when we just can’t take them with us. If you are planning a vacation or going away on a business trip, taking your pet just isn’t practical. Even if you just have a really busy lifestyle we are fortunate enough to have a wide selection of pet care facilities available for situation like these.

Middlesex has a variety of catteries, kennels, walking & pet sitting services that we can take advantage of. If our pets become sick you can find some good veterinary surgeries throughout Middlesex who can help. Vet bills can be quite expensive so it is always worth looking into pet insurance, especially if you own a number of pets or pedigrees as they can be a little more susceptible to illness.

Other pet care services that are available in Middlesex include grooming parlours, obedience training centres & boarding services for those who prefer the personal touch over kennels or catteries. So whatever problems or dilemmas you might be having with your pet, you know there will always be help available to you.

For you and your dog's reasurance...

  • Full Insured
  • Full Boarding Licence Hillingdon Council
  • Professionally Trained Carers

Going the extra mile...

  • Police Checked
  • MoD Cleared
  • SIA Licenced
  • NTIPDU & BIPDT Trained Carers