Pet Care in London

If you have pets you will find there are a wide range of pet care facilities available throughout London. You can find a selection of veterinary surgeries, catteries & kennels. Everyone who has had pets will understand the responsibility they have when their pet becomes poorly. Veterinary bills can be quite expensive, especially when you have more than one, so it can be a good idea to look in to pet insurances as this will help with costs.

If you are looking to treat your pets or just need to make them look more presentable have a look through some pet grooming services. Many grooming parlours have a great deal of experience handling pets, especially cats & dogs. This means they can get your pet looking fabulous in a short space of time & without causing them distress.

If you are planning a vacation but you have your pets to consider you will find you have a number of options open to you. If you don’t have any friends or relatives nearby who are able to look after your pets in your absence, have a browse through the catteries or kennels that are available in your area. Most catteries & kennels will have a website available so you can get an idea about the business & their requirements.

For you and your dog's reasurance...

  • Full Insured
  • Full Boarding Licence Hillingdon Council
  • Professionally Trained Carers

Going the extra mile...

  • Police Checked
  • MoD Cleared
  • SIA Licenced
  • NTIPDU & BIPDT Trained Carers