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This has to be the best dog day care in London! Your dog will be collected from your home, in our fully equipped vehicles in the morning. He will then spend the day with his pack at a local farm sniffing, watching birds, running off lead, socialising, marking territory and doing all the things that dogs love to do. Our dog day care has a plethora of environments where the dogs socialise within the farm so that new adventures are always had. By the time he gets home from his dog day care in the evening he should be ready to settle down for a long nap!


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Some of the areas covered are: Belsize Park, Hampstead, West Hampstead, Finchley Road, Golders Green and Primrose Hill.


Dog Day Care Testimonials


"Our dog Spike has always left the house with tail wagging furiously and returned exhausted after a full days play with his friends. Sarita and the team’s enthusiasm on seeing Spike has meant we’ve only ever entrusted them with looking after him. The service has always been friendly and professional.....thanks."


G .Colgan



"Our dog Ollie is a lively Springer Spaniel, and he has been very well looked after by Sarita for four years. She runs a well organised, good value for money service, with plenty of love for the dogs!"







"I have a young West Highland Terrier who is almost 18 months now. I recommend Sarita if you need doggy day care. My 'princess' Daisy and I moved to London last summer and since then Daisy has been well taken care of by Sarita, at doggy daycare 2 to 3 days a week. I have only good things to say!

I can head off to work and know that she is well looked after, has plenty of company, exercise and fresh air. I find that in the evenings, Daisy is content and a lot less demanding. I know Daisy has had fun when she comes home with her paws and nose showing the evidence of a good sniff and digging playtime - she is an earth dog! Sarita continues to work hard with my spoilt little Westie (my only 'child'), who persists in her desire to have her own way when she can! Following a number of 'attacks' and being jumped on by aggressive dogs (when we've been out walking, not with Sarita!), Daisy is quite nervous around some dogs when she first meets them. Sarita's work in getting her less nervous and more socialised is paying off and I can see the benefits from the Bach flower remedies I give her following Sarita's advise.

I could not do my job in London without the support I have from Sarita."

E. Regan


"Bella has been going to Doggy Day Care with Sarita for over a year now and I can't even begin to explain what a difference it has made. I have gone from having an anti-social and at times, aggressive dog, to one who is well-socialised, well exercised, calm and content. Taking her to the park now is a delight and it is all thanks to Sarita, who has put in such a lot of time and effort with Bella and helped to shape her into a lovely family dog. Reliable, trustworthy and amazing with dogs, I feel 100% comfortable when I am at work knowing that Bella is with Sarita. I can't recommend her highly enough!"



"From the moment the key turns in our front door when Sarita comes to collect her, Honey never looks back as she bounces out of the house and into the van to see her friends. If only Honey could speak then she would be able to share details of all her adventures with Sarita. Even though I have just had a baby, I consider my dog to be my first child. Therefore it is so important to me to know that Honey is not only being looked after by someone I trust implicitly but also to know that she is having a great time. My family don't have keys to my house but Sarita does! Always accomodating, Sarita is both professional and a pleasure to deal with and I could not reccomend her highly enough."



"My Portuguese Mountain dog has been going to daycare (and boarding) with Sarita for all of her 3 1/2 year life. In fact, I didn't even contemplate getting a dog until I knew Sarita's services were available. Working full time and now with a toddler and small baby, the dog is the one member of the family I never have to worry about. My dog has a fabulous time running around with her doggie pals in Sarita's fields and comes home happy and tired.

Sarita has been utterly reliable and trustworthy and is an expert at dealing with dogs. She is kind but firm and has great natural control over them, even the larger ones (ours weighs 42 kilos and trots after her like a lamb). I often ask her advice on behaviour and health issues. I heartily recommend Sarita's services to anyone with a dog that may not get it's owners full-time attention and I frequently run into my dog's day care pals round the neighbourhood whose owners feel the same way."




"Sarita has been looking after my bulldog Vito since he was a 10 week old puppy. Now, nearly two and a half years later I have a well socialized, happy and healthy dog. Most importantly though, is the peace of mind that comes along with having someone I can completely trust look after my dog. I truly don't know what I would do with out her services."



"I give The VIPs my highest recommendation. My "fur baby" Raga and I moved to the UK in 2005 and for the next 3 years Raga was well taken care of by Sarita and the rest of the pack. We utilized VIPs dog walking, doggie daycare and boarding services and have only good things to say about them.

Raga loved her time at the farm. She was picked up each morning in the specially equipped VIP van - complete with crates and air conditioning - enjoyed her exercise at the farm, lying in the sun with best friend Luna, plenty of water, a snack and a nap in the van on the way home. At night she slept like a baby after all that exercise and I often wished I could trade places with her!

When Raga first joined The VIP pack she was very spoiled and not very well behaved. Through Sarita's training and tough love, Raga could soon be trusted to be off lead and to come when called - a small miracle. By the end of her time with The VIPs, Sarita was even using Raga to help other recalcitrant dogs learn what was expected of them when they were off lead. (Although I can't say that she's not still spoiled, but that's my fault not the VIPs!)

Boarding with The VIPs was an equally delightful experience. Raga got along well with pack mates Peaches and Samson and was treated like a member of the family. The VIPs pick up and drop off services made boarding a breeze. It was the least stressful part of planning an excursion. The VIPs flexibility allowed me to quickly pick up and go knowing that Raga would be well taken care of and as happy when I returned as she had been when I left.

I can't recommend The VIPs highly enough. After almost 2 years back in the States, Raga and I still miss our daily interaction with The VIPs and wish we could convince them to move across the pond and recreate The VIP experience in America!"

L.S. Brooks



"I just wanted to write to thank you for all your care of Pooka. Finding your service was a stroke of luck; I knew that you would take care of my 'baby' and that he would have fun with the other dogs. In addition, when I went on holiday, I was able to relax knowing that he would be fine.

Thanks so much, if I'm ever asked to recommend a dog walker/boarder for anyone in the Uxbridge area, I will not hesitate in giving them your name."




Dog Day Care with our Doggie Day Care service" Since using The VIPs Dog Day Care service, I think that they have changed my life! Steve Small who used to panic when I left the house, has become completely used to being left at home in the mornings, while he eagerly waits for his daily fun to begin with The VIPs and his new friends at dog day care. The regular photo's I get sent of him out and about and commandeering every other dog's beds, keep me highly amused but also makes me feel so happy that he is having fun all day and is being so well looked after. He comes home tired and happy and it is such a relief that The VIPs completely take the pressure off me worrying about him all day. I know he is in the best hands! I would definitely recommend them to anyone else, they are so professional and I trust them implicitly. "

J. Orpwood


dog day care testimonials" Mutley and Hector listen out for the sign of The VIPs' van every morning and bark in excitement as it approaches. Dog Day care with The VIPs has transformed their behaviour as they socialise with all their doggy friends. They seem happier and more rounded dogs with this routine and it takes a huge pressure off myself because I work full-time, allowing me to enjoy my dogs more. Whilst using the Dog Day Care service, The VIPs have also been able to provide advice on training and diet, invaluable for two young mischievous brothers! They had no problems taking them on, which I found was not the case with other dog walkers who were loathe to take two male dogs from the same household. The VIPs really has become a second home to Mutley and Hector, making dog boarding for weekends and holidays seamless and stress free for both myself and the dogs, compared to kennels. I would definitely recommend The VIPs as a cut above all the other dog day care and walking services out there. "




doggie day care testimonials"Signing up with The VIPs was the best choice I could ever have made for my dog who is more like my child than any child could possibly be. She gets treated with the same kindness and respect at her Dog Day Care as I would treat her with. I could not recommend a nicer, personal and more professional organisation than the VIPs. They live up to their name in more ways than you can imagine."




" The VIPs have been looking after Kenzo for almost a year now and what can I say? When I first got my Staff he was a usual Staff - hyperactive, very dominant and very hard work. However within just a few weeks at day care I noticed a huge difference; along with the exercise, constant training and socialisation he was getting on a daily basis I now have a well balanced Staff who is a joy to have and therefore he would not go anywhere else. It is nice to know that when I go on holiday I can leave Kenzo and know he will be in good hands."






Dog Day Care Testimonials


"Every morning at around 9am Trevor takes his place by the window, tail wagging, waiting for the sound of The VIP's van to pull up, he doesn't even give me a backward glance as he leaves for Dog Day Care. I have NEVER felt happier or more confident leaving Trevor with anyone, I really don't know what I would do without them, they couldn't love him more if he was their own."

S. Dodd


"We have a miniature dachshund puppy who is wonderful and full of character and energy, but needs quite a lot of stimulation, love and guidance at this young age. He also as a bit of a tiny guy, was quite nervous around other dogs who would tower over him in the street. The VIPS have been great, as they have been able to give him the personalised care he needs and since he has started spending a few days a week with them, we have noticed marked improvements in his behaviours – he is more confident, relaxed and at ease around all types of other dogs. It's made a real difference. "



























































































































































































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